Welcome to the KSU Parking Portal

Kennesaw State’s parkingportal.kennesaw.edu is the convenient way to appeal or pay for citations. Our portal allows you to view, appeal and pay for citations.

How to Appeal a Citation
All citation appeals must be made through parkingportal.kennesaw.edu. Citations must be appealed within 14 days of receipt of citation. After 14 days, citations cannot be appealed and will be transferred to the students’ KSU account. The fine(s) must be paid or a HOLD will be placed on your account. To pay or appeal a citation (Click Here)

If a citation is appealed during the 14 days after receipt of the citation, no action will occur on the citation until it is adjudicated. If the appeal is denied, it will be transferred to the students’ KSU account with a HOLD placed on the account until the fine is paid.

A HOLD on your account means you will not be able to register for classes or graduate until any open fines have been paid or resolved.